Club Havana Miramar Review

Jessica at Club Havana

Address: 5th Ave. between Calle 188-192, Miramar Havana

My Review of Club Havana Miramar was done just before the one at Parque Josone Varadero for our sister site but, it’s only now that I’ve gotten round to submitting it. Sorry…

First off, those of you who know me are aware I play a – mean – game of tennis, in fact outside of swimming, it’s my favorite sport. That’s why reviewing Club Havana Miramar was an ideal opportunity for me to brush up on my game. But we´ll get to that later.

Miramar Club Havana

Club Havana is a private Club that is minutes from all the hotels listed below and charges an admission fee to enter. The 25 CUC entrance fee is so small compared to the value of this place that it borders on the ridiculous for what you get. Some hotels like the Palco actually include Club Havana admission in their room rates, so if you feel you’d like to spend some time here after reading my review of Club Havana Miramar, you could always book at Hotel Palco and get in every day for free!

Firstly a bit of history…

During the 20s to 50s the building that is now Club Havana Miramar was the Havana Biltmore Yacht and Country Club, founded in 1928. Back then the Biltmore was an upper class venue where the aristocracy of Havana would send their kids to learn to swim, sail, row and learn other nautical activities. Parents were able to socialize with other members while their kids took lessons.


The Biltmore in Havana was part of the Biltmore property empire which still includes the Biltmore Hotel in Miami. However, since the Cuban revolution, the property was left in disrepair until the early 1990s when Abraham Maciques, a personal friend of Fidel Castro and founder of both Cubalse and the Palacio de Convenciones (Havana’s convention center) took a liking to the dilapidated property and decided to create the Club situated here today, Club Havana Miramar.

So there are no beaches in Havana?

I thought I’d start by dispelling this myth. As we all know, there are Havana’s Eastern Beaches of Megano, Santa Maria del Mar, Guanabo and Tarara. But, these are at least 25KM from Havana’s center where most tourists are likely to be staying. Club Havana’s little secret is that it has the ONLY beach in the center of Havana and, as you can see from my photos, it’s a nice beach at that.

Club Havana Miramar Jet ski

Not very large but it’s a natural beach which offers excellent swimming and snorkeling opportunities beyond the nautical activities offered at Club Havana which include; fully PADI certified dive center, jet skis, Catamarans, Kayaks and peddle craft.

Restaurants at Club Havana

I ate at the amazing Chelo restaurant situated in the main building which is a proper dining experience and proper dress code is required.

El Chelo Restaurant Club Havana

Probably better to visit for a formal/romantic lunch or dinner. Nevertheless, there’s the beach restaurant situated next to the two large swimming pools and is better for informal snacks and excellent full-on meals. It’s an open restaurant with both indoor and outdoor seating.

Club Havana Swimming Pools

Club Havana Cuba

There are two large pools at Club Havana, one is a rectangular Olympic style pool while the other is an irregular shaped pool, typical of Vacation resorts, being ideal for kids and adults of all ages.

Gym, Sauna and Jacuzzis

Let’s start by saying that Club Havana has probably the best gym I have seen in Cuba. It’s the first building you come to as you enter the Club on the right and, offers a myriad of weight machines and abundant free weights. There’s a great juice bar at the entrance where I sinned and decided on my daily “Red Bull” fix instead of one of the many natural “made-to-order” blended fruit juices.

Club Havana Gym

The male and female changing rooms are enormous and include lockers, free towels and powerful showers. A door from these leads to the semi covered Jacuzzis and enclosed Sauna Rooms.

Tennis and Racquetball

Yes!! One of my favorite games is the centerpiece of Club Havana.

Tennis Court Club Havana

The Club has two full size Tennis courts and two outdoor Racquetball courts which are accessed from the back door of the changing rooms. The courts are standard cement based but, ideally have the natural fine coating of sand us tennis players enjoy when playing on this type of court. The male tennis coach and I played two games and then I retired for a spot of sunbathing…

The beach at Club Havana

Club Havana Miramar from Beach

At the back of the main building is a longish white sand beach with ample sun beds and parasols. While not wide, compared to beaches out in the eastern part of Havana, it’s just perfect to sit and relax. There’s a small thatched snack bar at the far end which is ideal for a quick refreshing drink.

End note

Club Havana Entrance Miramar

It appears to me that Club Havana is badly publicized. Or maybe the “eliteness” of the Club is better for it having few guests? If you are staying at any of the hotels listed below you’re just minutes from Club Havana and your “day at the beach” in Havana. Admittedly, there’s an entrance fee (unless you’re staying at the Hotel Palco) but, its small change for what you get so, I highly recommend this place if you are looking to spend a day at the beach in luxurious surroundings with a pinch of snobbishness


Jessica Gutierrez – Havana Reviews Team

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