Hotel Quinta Avenida Habana Review

Hotel Quinta Avenida Habana

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We headed over to the Hotel Quinta Avenida Habana with little trepidation; we at team were not too sure how one of Havana’s first All Inclusive hotels was going to pan out. Until now only two hotels in Havana have offered All Inclusive, both are way outside the city, Hotel Acuario at the Marina Hemingway and the second is even further out, towards Mariel, called Coco Mar. Both cater to the low end, whereas, this behemoth of a Hotel in Havana’s chic Miramar area could be a deal changer for hotels and hospitality related businesses like restaurants in Havana. As we all know, all-inclusive hotels tend to have a direct (and negative affect) on surrounding businesses and boy, there are a lot of paladares in Miramar.

Hotel Barcelo Quinta Avenida Habana

First off, the Hotel Quinta Avenida Habana is a new hotel, which means it’s still looking fresh-out-of-the-box, both inside and out. The gardens are still growing and the whole place seems like a large characterless artistic impression. We are all too familiar with how hotels get better with age, especially as they gain character and nooks and areas of the hotel gain popularity. Don’t get us wrong, the Hotel Quinta Avenida Habana is a beautiful hotel in a beautiful area of Havana, it just feels “very” new and little synthetic, especially after us having spent some time at the Hotel Presidente, immediately before this one. The hotel features 186 rooms and two restaurants, various bars and a health center/gym. The rear viewing platform and outside areas are nice but again, this hotel is essentially far away from the nearest beach and, as such, should be considered a city hotel with a large pool. The rooms are spacious and brightly decorated with wrought iron furniture and excellent beds. The six story building makes good use of its lifts… especially at breakfast time when on two occasions we simply walked down the stairs as the wait was too long. The breakfast is excellent and varied and, while the hotel is mainly all inclusive, we´d visited with only breakfast included as we know several excellent paladares in the immediate area.

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Getting to Havana center and Old Havana is very simple as a free shuttle is offered to guests with numerous pick-up and drop-off times throughout the day and even up to 11pm. However, if you are staying in Miramar, you also have to gastronomical wonders close by and, as such, it will be shame to miss all these due to your all-inclusive plan, the choice is yours. The only real entertainment close by is the National Aquarium or the Tropicana Cabaret. If you are looking for a beach, the only one available is at the (entrance fee payable) Club Habana which is a short distance from Hotel Quinta Avenida Habana.

The hotel is managed by Gaviota and our experience with Gaviota Hotels is exemplarily, Hotel Quinta Avenida Habana is no different. “Clockwork” is a good analogy.

Overall, Hotel Quinta Avenida Habana is a good hotel, it will suite you if you have kids, are single and enjoy Miramar´s amazing nightlife and, on both counts, have little interest in Havana’s Old quarter.

Hotel QUINTA AVENIDA Havana is one of the few hotels that do not require prepayment or deposit to Book.

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